Industrial Cleaning

Carpet Care of Shifnal has been established for nearly 15 years and in that time has built up a reputation for quality and service, supplying quality carpets in Shropshire and the West Midlands. Our motto is simple: You Care, We Care. You care that the flooring that you choose is right for you and that it is supplied and fitted correctly. We care that you are completely satisfied with our service and the products we supply.

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We Supply A Wide Range Of Products

We supply a wide range of quality Carpets, Vinyls, Room Sized Remnants and Laminate Wood Flooring. You can choose from our range in the comfort of your own home if you wish, where we will gladly measure and quote without charging for this service. Just give us a call.

We also supply Vertical, Roller, Venetian and Roman Blinds and are introducing a range of ready-made Curtains.

We have fitting services for all our products that are carried out by our fully experienced independent contractors. We will also supply free insurance quotations on request.

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Carpet Care’s showroom can be found in Aston Street, Shifnal, just before The Railway Tavern.

The building , that is just off the busy main thoroughfare through Shifnal, started out as a working men’s club at the rear of a public house which we understand was purchased by a member of the Temperance Society. The building was then changed into a meeting room and became known as ‘The Band of Hope’. Sunday school meetings were held there and several of our customers have told us they can remember attending. Since then it has been used as a bakery and for a variety of purposes and finally, as it is today, a fully refurbished carpet showroom.

Instructions for Steam Floor Cleaning Machines

We have a number of industrial cleaning companies that we contract out to. For this we provide guidelines for how to use our products for optimal efficiency. Directions for using floor cleaning machines can vary by the type of equipment. Typically, you need to fill the tank with only water if you use a steam vapor cleaner with no chemical option, or add chemical to a separate chamber if you purchased a system with the chemical injection feature. Moreover, most machines are electric so in order for them to work properly they need to be connected to their power source. For some steam cleaners, you must give the machine a few minutes to warm up and heat the water. This will ensure proper performance. You can now run the appliance over the desired surface and begin the clean-up job. The appliance may require several refills depending on the size of the area you are going over. Maintenance requirements for many of these machines may vary, but in general they can be easily maintained and the instructions are pretty straightforward and easy to follow.   Once this is finished, simply return the equipment back to storage.